Level Measurement

Radar Level Transmitter

Guided Wave Radar transmitters use TDR (time domain reflectometry). TDR uses pulses of electromagnetic (EM) energy to measure distances or levels. When a pulse reaches a dielectric discontinuity (created by media surface), part of the energy is reflected. The greater the dielectric difference, the greater the amplitude (strength) of the reflection.

Radar measurement technology is non-contacting and low maintenance. Because microwaves require no carrier medium, they are virtually unaffected by the process atmosphere (vapor, pressure, dust, or temperature extremes). Siemens offers a variety of models to meet the specific needs of your application.

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

SITRANS Probe LU is a 2-wire loop powered ultrasonic transmitter for level, volume and flow monitoring of liquids in open channels, storage vessels, and simple process vessels

The SITRANS LUT series controllers are compact, single point, long-range ultrasonic controllers for continuous level or volume measurement of liquids, slurries, and solids, and high accuracy monitoring of open channel flow.

Differential Pressure and Hydrostatic Level Transmitter

Siemens offers a comprehensive product portfolio for hydrostatic level measurement. Whether by direct measurement or remote seals, whether on open or closed containers, you will find the best solution for your requirements with our SITRANS P pressure/differential pressure transmitter. These devices are extremely resistant to chemical and mechanical loads as well as electromagnetic interference. They are commonly used in the chemical and petrochemical industries as well.

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