Flow Measurement

Magnetic Flow Transmitter

Siemens provide magnetic flow sensors for standard applications as well as products for use under difficult operating conditions. Siemens Make magnetic flow meters are designed to measure the flow of almost any electrically conductive liquid, as well as sludges, pastes and slurries.

The SITRANS F M MAG Series is a microprocessor-based transmitter engineered for high performance, easy installation, commissioning and maintenance. The transmitter is truly robust, cost-effective and suitable for all-round applications and has a measuring accuracy of ± 0.4% of the flow rate (incl. sensor)

Vortex Flow Meter

SITRANS F X vortex flow meters provide accurate standard volumetric and mass flow measurement of steam, gases and liquids as an all-in-one solution with integrated temperature and pressure compensation.

SITRANS FX vortex flow meter are designed for use in industrial applications and optimally suited to the demands in auxiliary supply systems.
The proven principle of vortex flow meters is suitable for measurement of liquids, gases and vapors unaffected by conductivity, viscosity, temperature and pressure.

Mass Flow Meter

SITRANS F C Coriolis mass flow meters are designed for measurement of a variety of liquids and gases. The meter offers accurate measurement of mass flow, volume flow, density, temperature and fraction

The sensor offers superior performance in terms of flow accuracy and turn down ratio. The ultra compact sensor design makes installation, replacement and commissioning very straight forward and easy.

DP Flow Meter

Differential pressure measurement is a universal flow measurement for liquids, gases and vapors. Differential pressure flow meter always provides accurate results even with large bores, high temperature and extreme pressure.

Primary differential pressure devices, like orifice, Nozzle, Pitot tube, are used for volume and mass flow measurement. Orifice are suitable for non-corrosive and corrosive gases, vapors and liquids; permissible operating temperature -60 to +570 °C. The created differential pressure will be converted with the help of a differential pressure transmitter into a proportional flow signal.

Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The wide range of products from Siemens includes a large number of ultrasonic meters for tasks involving the flow rate measurement in open channels and pipe. Siemens has an Open Channel Flow meter, clamp on Flow meter & Inline Ultrasonic Flow meter to meet your accuracy requirements.

SITRANS clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters provide highly accurate measurement while minimizing installation time and maintenance expense. These dedicated flow meters are suitable for a wide variety of liquid applications, including those in the Water Industry, Process Industry etc.

SITRANS in-line ultrasonic flow meters measure flow of electrically conductive and non-conductive liquids

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